Entry #1

Hola Newgrounds

2008-06-22 21:18:57 by Donovon2001

I am So Noob here so heres the deal

Im mainly from Deviantart but i came to NG to work on new Flash Works.

I can officially become dedicated flash since im out of Highschool.

And thats really it :Z


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2008-06-22 21:34:49

oh ok then well hey waz up

Donovon2001 responds:

Hi :D Thanks for the welcome :3


2008-06-22 22:05:22

sounds nice..
good luck... =D

Donovon2001 responds:

Thank you. (What does this site Notify when new members are here?) :3


2008-06-22 22:25:32

Cool! good luck on doing your flashes hope to see your stuff out soon!